Mary Marvel


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Mary Marvel
Mary Marvel, white costume
Name/Alter EgoMary Willow Batson Bromfield / Mary Marvel
Notable AliasesCaptain Marvel (female)
QuoteLeapin' lizards!
  • Wisdom of Solomon
    • Perfect Recall
    • Superhuman Knowledge
    • Mental Acuity
    • Heightened Intuition
    • Omni-Lingual
    • Clairvoyant
  • Strength of Hercules
    • Olympian Density
    • Super Strength
  • Stamina of Atlas
    • Super Stamina
    • Self-Sustenance
  • Power of Zeus
    • Invulnerability
    • Magical Resistance
    • Shazam Lightning
  • Courage of Achilles
    • Mental Resistance
    • Healing
  • Speed of Mercury
    • Super Speed
    • Super Agility
    • Flight
  • Transformation

Mary Willow Batson Bromfield is a teenager, a sophomore in high school at CC Binder High School in Fawcett City, in Boston, MA. She is a very bright young woman and well thought of in her community, tutoring other students and volunteering, including working at the hospital as a candystriper.

Mary Marvel, the female Captain Marvel appears to be a mid-twenties young woman, an idealized adult version of what Mary's biological mother looked like before her death. She is a well known heroine in and around Fawcett City and the rest of Boston, somewhat less known outside the Boston area.



  • The Batson Family

    Merrill Clarence Charles Batson and Jocelyn Marilyn Cochrane-Batson met in college, each a scion of a proud and well-off family. Their mutual interests in language, culture and history would bring them together through countless hours of study. Love blossomed between them, and by the time they finally completed their graduated degrees, they sealed that love in marriage.

    The young couple built an idyllic start to their little family, establishing a home in the Fawcett City neighborhood southwest of Charleston, a world away from the hustle and bustle concrete jungle of downtown Boston. Not long afterwards, they were blessed with a pregnancy which would bring two lovely children into their lives: a son, William Joseph, and a daughter, Mary Willow.

    With both Merrill and Jocelyn continuing their careers in archaeology, they decided to hire a well-respected and recommended nurse and nanny to help with the child care. Sarah Primm joined their tight-knit family unit.
  • The Silvana Expedition

    Presented with an amazing chance to pursue some of their recent research in the field, fully funded by the Sivana Foundation, Merrill and Jocelyn decided to embrace the opportunity. Realizing the trials and difficulties of keeping their young children safe at the dig site in Egypt, they were prevailed upon to leave William in the care of Sarah Primm back in Fawcett City. Mary they took with them, hiring another nurse to assist them in caring for the little girl while also working on their archaeological findings.
  • The Murder

    Accompanying them on their trip was an associate, Theo Adam. When they finally find a hidden chamber within their dig, and within that find a magical scarab, Theo Adam attacks the adult Batsons and kills them, before the horrified eyes of young Mary. The girl suffers tremendous shock as a result of this, and will eventually blot from her memories all that she saw and much of her earlier life, leaving her nearly a blank slate.

    When word of the murder reaches the United States, the courts take action. Young William is made a ward of the State and placed in the care of an orphanage, until his uncle Ebenezer can be located and convinced to take the boy into his care.
  • Sarah Primm and the Bromfields

    Theo Adam kidnaps young Mary rather than killing her, and delivers her into the arms of Sarah Primm in Fawcett City, before disappearing himself. Sarah was unable to save her brother from the tender mercies of the CFS, but since none are expecting the return of the missing Batson daughter, she endeavors to do what she can to save Mary from the same fate. She instead places Mary with her latest employers, a very well-off family of Nick and Nora Bromfield, and assists them in fabricating an adoption of the child, since they have been unable to have a child of their own.
  • Life with Bromfield Family

    The Bromfields did all that they could to provide Mary with a warm and loving, supportive and nurturing home environment. Shielded from the horror of her experience by her young mind's protective barriers, she remembers nothing of the family she has lost, and loves the Bromfields as her parents, growing into a lovely daughter.

    Mary led a very sheltered life, knowing nothing of the hardships experienced by her twin. She was an excellent and hard-working student, and involved herself in the usual sorts of extra-curriculars, including horseback riding, swimming, gymnastics, dance and eventually Brownies.
  • The Dreams and Captain Marvel

    Mary would often have dreams of another family, in which she had a brother. But those dream-borne memories would fade with the light of day with little consequence.

    Mary would often see pieces in the news about the heroes and heroines sprouting up in the world, and she - like many children - was very inspired and moved by what she saw, idolizing these brightly colored, larger-than-life heroic figures. She was especially impressed by the figure of Captain Marvel when he appeared, since he seemed to have quite the connection to Fawcett City, rather than to the hustle and bustle of Boston or Metropolis or Gotham. But she could never seem to quite get her chance to meet him.
  • The Spelling Bee

    That all changed during her eighth-grade year. Mary's hard-won diligence and study won her a place in the narrowing field of contestants for the state spelling bee championship that year, as Mary turned thirteen. While she was there, she also met with a boy who seemed somehow familiar in some way she could not understand: Billy Batson. Billy was covering the spelling bee contest for a public broadcasting radio station, and they met while Billy was interviewing each of the contestants in the semi-final round.

    Mary won the contest. Soon after the contest awards are over, Mary is gently whisked away by the retainers of the Bromfield family. Mary's limo is captured before reaching home, and she is kidnapped. She finally got her chance to meet the amazing Captain Marvel, as he rescued her from her kidnappers and returned her to her home with the Bromfields. Something about the experience of meeting Captain Marvel sticks with Mary, and intensifies her dreams of that other family. (It won't be until later that she realizes this is because Captain Marvel's form is an idealized version of her real father, Merrill Batson.)

    Mary is kidnapped again not long afterwards, and is again rescued by Captain Marvel. There definitely seemed to be a plot in motion to kidnap Mary for ransom from the Bromfield family. This triggers the Bromfields to withdraw Mary from school and retreat to the safety of their home, increasing security there until something can be done to end this threat.
  • Mary Marvel?

    Tawky Tawny, animated, talking to Mary, teaching her of her powers
    Billy holding Tawky Tawny as doll
    Two weeks later, Mary receives a package left at the front door of the Bromfield home. Inside, she finds a package of adoption papers and other documents, revealing the illegal adoption by the Bromfields, and her true origin as the daughter of the slain Batson family. Also inside is a stuffed animal, identical to the one in the pictures in the file, which show her holding the toy tiger. Yet when Mary touches the toy, it animates magically and speaks to her. Tawky Tawny tells her that her twin brother, Billy, was kidnapped while delivering this package to her, and needs her help. He instructs her to speak the ward.


    Not even completely believing what she is being told - despite hearing it from an animated stuffed animal - Mary says the word, and calls down the magical lightning and the power of the wizard Shazam, and that of the ancient magical gods. She is transformed to a fully adult idealized version of her slain mother, Jocelyn, clad in her own feminine attire similar to Captain Marvel's uniform.

    With Tawky Tawny's continued assistance and guidance, she struggles to accept what has transpired and come into her own and the power of her new form. She flies off, then, following the clues to lead her to the hideout of the kidnappers who have taken her brother hostage.
  • Marvel Family United

    Mary bursts into the hideout and frees Billy. Just as Billy is calling upon Shazam to transform himself into Captain Marvel, astounded at the change that has come over his sister, the kidnappers burst in and open fire. Both of the twins are invulnerable to their attack, however, and the kidnappers are defeated and captured. They then discover Sarah Primm, their former nurse, lying near death from a heart attack. Even as she passes, she confesses to them her own involvement in their separation, and the identity of the man - her brother - responsible for the murder of their parents. With her dying breath, she bequeaths to Billy the second half of the locket Mary has worn for years, a gift from their mother.

    Now aware of the truth of their connection, Billy and Mary have continued to spend a great deal of time together, and have been encouraged to do so by the Bromfields. Given the illegalities of their adoption of Mary, the Bromfields have not been able to manage a means to reunite the twins legally under their custody, for fear of losing Mary whom they love very much, but they have done their best to support the twins growing together. Mary and Billy decided not to tell them of the secret power of Shazam, however.
  • High School

    With the kidnapping threat taken care of, the Bromfields lifted the restrictions they had placed on Mary, and she returned to public school once more, entering high school with the start of the new school year. Mary continued with her extra-curricular activities, and added volunteerism to her repertoire, becoming a qualified candystriper volunteer at the hospital. She has continued her educational excellence, and has also taken up tutoring those in need of a bit of extra help. And she has leveraged her years spent in dance and gymnastics into a new activity as a cheerleader for her school's athletic teams, and in competitions.

    Meanwhile, Mary has been learning her role as Mary Marvel, learning to control and master her powers and how to help others. She isn't quite as well known as Captain Marvel yet, but she's only been at it a few years. Nevertheless, she has found herself rather well received by the citizens of Fawcett City, and truly enjoys helping others and working side by side with her twin brother.
  • Justice League Unlimited

    In the last year or so, Mary Marvel has managed to secure a berth as a provisional member of the Justice League Unlimited, something she has been eager to try. She is aware that Billy doesn't entirely trust the League and has had less than positive experiences with them, but that was before her time joining him, and she has had good experiences with them thus far. She sees the League as a chance to make even more of a difference, on a larger scale. And she wants to make up her own mind about them.


  • Idealist: Without question, Mary is an idealist. She believes in and cleaves to her ideals. There is a right, and there is a wrong. That doesn't mean there aren't shades of grey or positions that are between the two. It doesn't mean that there aren't compromises. But it does mean that in Mary's eyes, those compromises are not 'right' or 'good'. They aren't something to strive for. She believes wholeheartedly in the value of ideals, and she strives for them with all she has, and she does her best to encourage others to do the same.
  • Compassionate: Mary has a wide-open heart. She cares about people. She cares about strangers. She cares about the people who are her friends and loved ones. But what makes Mary especially notable in her compassion is that she even cares about those who are specifically not her friends. She cares even about the villains, the bad guys, the people she doesn't like and those that don't like - or even hate - her and/or what she stands for. She wants the best for these people. She not only doesn't want to hurt them, and definitely doesn't want to kill them or see them dead, but she wants to help them. Help to make their lives better. Help them to see the error of their ways. Help them to change and be better and happier people. It doesn't mean she won't fight someone. But it does mean it isn't her first stop, and that defeating the challenge of a situation is not the end of it for her.
  • Caring: Mary cares. To those who meet her, it is often one of the very first things they notice about her personality, her being. She cares about the environment. She cares about the law. She cares about people. She cares about animals. She cares about faith and spirituality. Almost everything Mary does is motivated by that core element: she cares, and feels she has to do something about it. So she does.
  • Brave: Even without all the magical hoopla of her Marvel destiny, Mary is a brave young woman. It could best be described that Mary cares so much that her fear can't hold a candle to her heart. Even before she thought it was possible she could become a Marvel, she was willing to take great risks, even with gun-toting kidnappers who clearly meant her harm, to help Billy. And she hasn't changed. She'll try anything, face anything. It doesn't mean she's immune to fear. She can be afraid. But fear doesn't control or command her.
  • Bright: The daugher of two brilliant minds, dutifully encouraged by her adopted parents, Mary is a very bright young woman, eager to learn, quick-minded and adaptive. She learns easily and applies what she learns quite naturally even to new situations. She is also a very dedicated and hard-working student, tackling and defeating even those subjects that are not necessarily as easy for her as others. She enjoys learning and strives to be good at it.
  • Inquisitive: Mary loves mysteries and puzzles. She loves to seek out the bits of knowledge that will unlock them and reveal their secrets to her. Decoding hieroglyphics. Divining the means of opening a secret passage. How to solve a formula in mathematics or physics. The answer to a question. They are all things that motivate Mary. She loves it.
  • Sheltered: Mary has led a very sheltered life.. Despite having witnessed the murder of her parents - and now remembering that horrific event - Mary has not seen much of the 'bad and the ugly' in the world. She has not experienced homelessness, nor helplessness. She has always known she was loved and supported. She has not known hunger or a lack of physical comforts, nor even the lack of money and the need to scrimp or save. Mary may intellectually know that bad things happen to good people, but it isn't a part of her worldview, hasn't dimmed her inner light or darkened her youthful exuberance and outlook.
  • Goody Two-Boots: There have been those that have called Captain Marvel - Mary's twin brother - The Big Red Cheese. Where many consider Superman an idealist, the Boy Scout, Captain Marvel stands out even to them as even more of an idealist, even more of 'bright and shiny hero'. And Mary is right there with her brother. She is all about doing the right thing, from the littlest things to the biggest, never compromising her ideals, her beliefs, or the rules. She remembers what it was like before she was ever Mary Marvel, as just Mary Bromfield, looking up to the heroes in the world: police, firefighters, nurses and doctors, and the caped crusaders and heroes. She remembers how those brightly colored costumes and larger-than-life actions inspired her, and she strives to embody all of those things for others. Mary still remembers what it is to be a child, because at heart she still is a child, through and through. And much as some might see that a weakness, Mary considers it a strength, and she embraces it wholeheartedly and unabashedly.




  • Wisdom of Solomon:
    • Perfect Recall: As part of the 'Wisdom of Solomon' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary has perfect recall of everything she has ever seen, ever read, ever heard or learned. This is photographic and perfect recollection, but is also 'comprehension' style learning, as she will also remember the content, value and knowledge associated with what she remembers, not merely see the page in her mind and read it off again to assimilate the value and content of the page. Of course, Mary has to try to remember, and for immersive re-experience - to pick up something she didn't consciously notice the first time - she would need to be able to concentrate for a bit, something that would be hard if not impossible in the middle of a fight or the like.
    • Superhuman Knowledge: As part of the 'Wisdom of Solomon' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary has a great deal of knowledge that Mary Willow Batsom Bromfield has never learned. Most of this is classical or 'pure' knowledge, such as knowledge of human history, mathematics, pure or theoretical rather than applied sciences, language, and a knowledge and understanding of the principles of magic.

      While this would not put her on par with an acknowledged expert in such a field - for example, knowledge of the principles of magic would not make her better than Doctor Fate - but it would enable her to carry on a conversation with such an expert at 'nearly' their level, grasping the knowledge and concepts they would offer and being able to 'brainstorm' with them.

      With the exception of language and the principles of magic, this knowledge is something Mary has to be able to concentrate to bring to mind. It does not merely flow. She might see something in a book or on a blackboard that might remind her of such knowledge or evoke it within her, but she would then need several moments to think about it, concentrating, and allowing it to flow forth and fill her mind, to take action with that knowledge.
    • Mental Acuity: As part of the 'Wisdom of Solomon' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary is patently brilliant. Her effective IQ would easily be in the upper tenth of one percent (nearly 200 on the standard scale). Her mind can complete complex mathematics as quickly as a properly programmed computer, and she can evaluate a complex situation rapidly and completely, in a blink of an eye if that.
    • Heightened Intuition: As part of the 'Wisdom of Solomon' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary is capable of astounding feats of very accurate intuition based on limited information. This includes a sort of 'othermind' of counsel and advice in times of great need, a connection with that otherworldly magical presence which is the Wisdom of Solomon. However, in most cases Mary must actively try to concentrate and think, to process the alternatives of a decision in order to access this counsel. She is still quite capable of making 'foolish' or 'childish' decisions otherwise, as the mind and personality behind Mary Marvel is still Mary Batson, teenager.
    • Omni-Lingual: As part of the 'Wisdom of Solomon' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary is omni-lingual. She knows and is fluent in every language, ancient and modern, even those Mary herself has never seen or heard before in her life. Note that these are the languages of Earth: this would be of little help in attempting to understand Martian or some other non-Earth language, although her exceptional mental acuity and memory might allow her to cobble together a translation matrix more quickly than anything short of a 'universal translator' could accomplish.
    • Clairvoyant: As part of the 'Wisdom of Solomon' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary is connected to that supernatural magical knowledge. As such, she will sometimes have flashes of insight about important events relating to the state of the world, and especially the state of magic in the world or significant figures of magic. These are usually brief and not filled with details, mostly limited to 'danger, now, here, go help' sorts of messages.
  • Strength of Hercules:
    • Olympian Density: As part of the 'Strength of Hercules' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary Marvel's flesh and bones are about three times as dense as similar human tissue. This means that while Mary Marvel appears to be perhaps five and a half feet tall or just a bit more, she in fact weighs well in excess of three hundred - closer to four hundred - pounds. This contributes to her strength and her invulnerability.
    • Super Strength: As part of the 'Strength of Hercules' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary Marvel is super-humanly strong, nearly on par with such powerhouses as Superman or Wonder Woman, though not quite. She can lift many tons, can effortlessly bend steel, punch through walls and lift massive objects. Mary herself is not quite as strong as Captain Marvel, because she hasn't his size and build. This is somewhat comparable to the difference between Superman and Galatea. But she makes up for this in other ways.

      It should be noted that this strength is a natural, effortless part of Mary. She is unlikely to act out or have accidents as a result of her strength, such as tearing off a door handle. Which doesn't mean she couldn't do that and a lot worse in a fit of pique of upset.
  • Stamina of Atlas:
    • Super Stamina: As part of the 'Stamina of Atlas' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary Marvel's magically enhanced Olympian metabolism allows her to maintain strenuous activities - such as combat, running, flying or the like - for several hours. She has never actually found her own limits. While she may feel tired and fatigued, that fatigue has never reached the point of demanding that she stop what she was doing. Current estimates are that Mary's limit is on the order of days at maximum exertion, or weaks with some conservation of effort such as merely flying, without resting.
    • Self-Sustenance: As part of the 'Stamina of Atlas' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary Marvel does not need to eat, drink, sleep or even breathe while in her Marvel form. She can even survive unaided in the depths of hard vacuum or the pressures of the watery deep.
  • Power of Zeus:
    • Invulnerability: As part of the 'Power of Zeus' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary Marvel is physically nigh-invulnerable, at least comparable to a normal human. Bullets and the like bounce harmlessly off of her body, and energy weapons are similarly ineffective, at least in doing any true injury. Only powerful physical or energy-based assaults - such as strikes from someone with truly superhuman strength - would do any real damage - injury - at all.

      The more powerful an attack, the more proportionate damage may be done. Truly powerful superhuman-level attacks - from the likes of her brother, or Supergirl, or stronger, or the energy equivalents - could even potentially break bones, deliver dangerous burns, or other even potentially life-threatening damage.

      However, powerful physical attacks - from superhuman strength or very powerful weapons - can deliver stunning or disorienting effects, and deliver more force than she can simply absorb, throwing her away and outside of her own control. Depending on the magnitude of the blow delivered, such stunning effects can last as long as a few seconds to even a minute or so - an eternity in a combat or emergency situation.
    • Magical Resistance: As part of the 'Power of Zeus' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary Marvel is highly resistant to magical forces. Only the greatest of high magicks can affect her, and against even these she is far more resistant than anyone else but similarly magical and mystical figures.
    • Shazam Lightning: As part of the 'Power of Zeus' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary Marvel can call down the lightning bolt of the wizard Shazam by calling out his name. She is capable of dodging that bolt in such a way as to intervene an opponent, whom would then be struck instead with the powerful blast of magical lightning.

      As a result of its magical origins, it would exploit a given target's vulnerability to magic, if any, meaning that those with hardened technological defenses against electrical attacks could well find those defenses not quite sufficient in this case. Even someone like Black Lightning could have a rude awakening in such a case.

      On the other hand, if Mary herself is struck by that bolt, she would transform back to her non-powered teenaged self, which would likely ruin any chance of defeating an opponent. And she must be able to speak, aloud, to call down the lightning.
  • Courage of Achilles:
    • Mental Resistance: As part of the 'Courage of Achilles' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary Marvel has tremendous inner and mental strength. She is not affected by 'fear' or similar spells or effects or by intimidation. While she may feel fear, she is not controlled or compelled by it. She can and does push through any such fear, exhaustion, etc. She is sustained and supported by an innate and harmonious inner presence of good will and strength of perseverance, and she never backs down from a challenge, though she may consider alternatives depending on the price that others may pay if she proceeds.

      Note that this does not mean she is immune to mind control or domination. She would be resistant to such effects, and would be much more likely to break free of them in any circumstance where she was directed to take action that would in fact be evil, wrong, or harmful to good or innocent persons.
    • Healing: As part of the 'Courage of Achilles' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary Marvel heals from injuries very quickly. She can and often does fight through the pain of an injury for anything short of the profound and catastrophic, and recovers quickly. She can also revert to her normal, unpowered form and show no evidence of the damage sustained to her powered form - though she may be dusty, dirty or the like. (For more, see +power mm=transformation)
  • Speed of Mercury:
    • Super Speed: As part of the 'Speed of Mercury' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary Marvel is incredibly fast. While not quite to the speed of the Flash family, she is capable of moving faster than the human eye - and most normal electronic sensors - can detect or follow, allowing her to seemingly disappear and reappear. She is capable of running faster than the speed of sound, dodging single bullets and even energy beams. Of course, she must be aware of an attack to dodge it, and she would not dodge it if doing so would expose someone else to harm, especially since she has yet to encounter anything that can substantially harm her. Fully automatic weapons fire or multiple tightly-spaced energy beams are lightly to catch her.
    • Super Agility: As part of the 'Speed of Mercury' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary Marvel's enhanced speed grants her an acute awareness of herself and her surroundings, and the ability to act with preternatural agility. She can catch a bullet, or dodge it, and is capable of making the most exceptional physically complex actions look inhumanly graceful and controlled.
    • Flight: As part of the 'Speed of Mercury' granted in the Marvel powers, Mary Marvel is capable of flight by mere act of will. She can fly several times as fast as the speed of sound while in Earth's atmosphere - outpacing most existing normal terrestrially-made craft - and can reach fractional c speeds (speeds less than but measured as relative fractions of the speed of light) when outside the atmosphere. She is also immune to dizziness, light-headedness, vertigo or the pressure of 'g-forces', making her capable of out-flying and maneuvering even the most advanced aircraft.

      Please note that anyone she carries with her is not automatically immune to such things. Additionally, lacking faster-than-light speed flight, she requires some manner of help to accomplish any truly interstellar travels, and would need quite a while to make even significant intra-system/interplanetary flights.
  • Transformation: With a call of Shazam!, Mary can call down the magical lightning of the wizard of the same name. Struck by this lightning - but unharmed - Mary is transformed. If she is in her normal, unpowered state this transforms hr to her adult-appearing, slightly taller and fully Marvel-powered from as Mary Marvel. If she is powered at the time, she is transformed to her normal, unpowered teenaged self.

    The magical nature of this transformation means that every time she is transformed, her clothing is changed as appropriate, as well has her hair style, etc. It also means that injuries do not generally translate between forms. Mary herself might have a broken arm, but Mary Marvel would not. Mary Marvel might be beaten, bloodied and burned, but Mary herself would not be. And so forth.


  • High School: Mary is a very well-educated, bright, inquisitive and hard-working high school student. She has covered - and remembers, quite well - the materials covered in a top-notch public school education and could easily get her GED. She has aced the PSATs, and will likely do the same with the SATs later this year. She has also had plenty of extra-curricular activities, including Brownies and Girl Scouts, dance (tap, ballet and jazz), gymnastics (she was no Olympic hopeful, but she was no slouch), and now cheerleading. If it is covered in any of those, she knows it. She is also very well read for a girl of her age.
  • Magic: Due to the time she has spent with Tawky Tawny, Shazam and her brother, Billy, Mary knows about magic, and knows the basic principles of how such things work. Her knowledge in her mortal form doesn't compare with what the Wisdom of Solomon knows, but it is a start.
  • Archaeology: In her earliest years, Mary was surrounded by archaeology. Since recovering her lost memories, she has found an interest in such things rekindled, and has sought to learn more about the study of archaeology as a way of getting closer to the parents she last. She also hopes to better understand Theo Adam and other foes like him through her research.
  • Ancient History: Mary's interest in archaeology has included an interest in ancient history, and she has done a good bit of reading on the subject from available sources, including even scholarly papers at the college library. That doesn't make her an all-knowing authority on such things. but she knows a good bit more about ancient history than most anyone would expect of a teenager in high school.
  • First Aid: Mary's volunteerism and her compassion has led her to learn a good deal about first aid and first-response medical care. She started with what she learned in Brownies and Girl Scouts and has added to this. With her continued work as a candystriper at the hospital, and her extended studies in first aid, she has qualified as a Red Cross lifeguard. She is planning to go for her EMT certification as soon as she is old enough.


  • Adopted Family - Bromfields: Nick and Nora Bromfield have adopted Mary and have been her family for over ten years now. While their adoption is not legal by the letter of the law, they love Mary and she loves them. The Bromfields are very well off financially, with a rather sizable home, able to afford their own limos and other vehicles, drivers, bodyguards and staff to look after their needs. This means that Mary is very well taken care of in material as well as emotional needs. She can easily afford to splurge on new clothes without breaking the piggybank, has her own cellphone, her own computer, and large double room and a walk-in closet. And she can get a ride in a car or a limo anywhere she wants to go, within reason. But the Bromfields do not spoil Mary rotten. They shelter and protect her, which means she doesn't have her own car and is not encouraged to drive. It also means that the staff are often tasked with 'looking after' and 'keeping track' of Mary and keeping her safe, despite the fact that this cramps her style when she wants to go out and do Marvel business.
  • Twin Brother - Billy Batson/Captain Marvel: Mary's twin brother is William Joseph Batson. He knows it. She knows it. They do not yet live together, though Mary has prevailed upon her parents to provide a guest room especially for Billy so that he can visit. She loves Billy and knows that he loves her. She counts on him for help, and for guidance, and offers him the same unstintingly.
  • The Wizard Shazam: The ancient and powerful wizard Shazam is now as much Mary's guide and tutor as he is Billy's, and she can count on Shazam for help, wisdom and guidance when she needs it. Of course, this also means if Shazam needs Mary to hop to and do some superheroing, she will do so without question ... if not without difficulty.
  • Tawky Tawny: Mary's childhood toy, her Tawky Tawny Tiger doll/stuffed animal, is in fact a living magical creature, or at least a magical spirit capable of animating the toy. Mary doesn't know the extent of his capabilities, but he has served as a source of advice, guidance and wisdom, especially where magical and mystical matters are involved.
  • Transit Pass: Mary has a pre-paid public transit pass which covers the subways, trains and busses of the entire greater NYC metropolitan area. But if she has to get anywhere beyond that, its up to Mary Marvel to get her there, unless she can somehow get her parents to spring for a plane ticket. And they're rather unlikely to do that unless they were going with her.
  • Hospital Access: Mary has been a candystriper volunteer in good standing at the Fawcett City hospital for four years. She knows many of the people there, and quite a few of them know and like her. She makes herself available for anything she can to help out the staff and patients at the hospital. This grants her a level of access to the facilities at the hospital that is pretty unprecedented for a mere volunteer. But the staff also know that Mary is very trustworthy and responsible, and that she has most of the medical training of an EMT. Still, she is bound by the rules of the hospital, and if found in violation of the rules she would have a lot of explaining to do, and could well lose her access and privileges, not to mention the trust of her friends there.
  • College Library: Mary's reputation as an exceptional student with a bright and inquisitive mind has landed her the opportunity to secure a visitor's pass that allows her to use the facilities of the Fawcett College Library. She can't take out books from the library that aren't allowed to be checked out, but she can get access to almost any books or materials there while she is in the library, and she can make copies of most things she might want or need that she can take elsewhere as required. She also has access to a student-level privileged account on the library's and college's computer network, which she can use at home as well as while inside the library.
  • Tutoring: Mary tutors other students who are not doing as well in school as she is. While she would gladly volunteer to do so for free without question, most of her tutoring is sponsored through specific programs at school which then see to it that the tutors are paid a small stipend for their time - usually about $10 an hour. And sometimes Mary ends up tutoring a student because a parent has asked her to help, and she is sometimes paid more from the parents than the basic fee.

    Mary has been saving up the money she gets for tutoring, because she is a very responsible young woman. This means she has a few hundred dollars saved up, if she needs it, without touching her allowance from her adopted parents. It also means there are a lot of students and even some parents that feel they 'owe' Mary for her help, whom she could call upon perhaps to return the favor with some small bit of assistance.


  • Pretty: Not really flashy or in your face like some superheroines might be, most would not consider Mary Marvel to be the penultimate beauty. She is no Wonder Woman, certainly. But she is physically idealized and beautiful, in a more understated way. She is pretty. Hers is the kind of beauty that actually puts others at ease, making her almost seem more approachable, rather than less.


  • Normal: Mary Willow Batson Bromfield is normal. 100% Grade A prime human normal. She's not even a highly-trained normal like a Bat-clan member. Catch her when she's normal and she can be largely helpless. Prevent her from speaking aloud - gag, anyone? - and she can't even transform to her super self. She can be tied up, tossed in a trunk, bound to a chair. She can be cut, bruised, knocked out, even killed easily. Contemptuously so. She might be one of the mightiest superhumans on the planet as Mary Marvel, but when she isn't, she's just another teenaged girl.
  • Minor: Mary is a minor. She has parents at home who are in charge. They can command her to be home, cut off her allowance, take away her cellphone, shut off her internet access, and generally make her life miserable whenever and however they wish to do so. She has a curfew. She is expected home, and her parents expect to know - or think they know - where she is and what she is doing and who she is with at all times. She can't play hooky from school. She had best not be found in the wrong sorts of places or the cops can just haul her in for truancy and deliver her home for a talking-to or worse.
  • Naive: Despite the experience of having witnessed the murder of her parents at a young age, Mary has led a very sheltered and protected life, and she has not gone out of her way to rebel against that. In point of fact, she has embraced it, recognizing the urge of the Bromfields to shelter and protect her as an expression of their love for her. She doesn't know much about most of the very bad things in life, and she doesn't tend to dwell upon them.

    This also means that as Mary Marvel, she definitely comes across as sheltered and naive, even to other heroes. She doesn't consider the 'worst case'. The thought of dark, morally ambiguous or even shady choices doesn't even occur to her. She actually expects villains captured and imprisoned to be rehabilitated, to learn the error of their ways and stop being villains. She believes that helping someone in financial need will solve their problems, often not realizing that the underlying causes that put them in that position in the first place may still exist and may erode away all the good she has tried to do. And so forth.

    Mary tends to believe the best in people. Of course, like with many very charismatic people, this can often be rather attractive to some, and may actually convince them to strive to be better than they believe they are. But it also means that those truly committed to the wrong can mislead and betray her. She is unlikely to see it coming - at least the first time.
  • Inexperienced: Mary is inexperienced. Even compared to her brother Billy, Mary hasn't been doing this as long and doesn't know as much. She doesn't know all the bad guys. She doesn't know their stories, their tactics. She is learning, and will continue to do so. But right now, she comes off as a beginner - because in many ways, she still is.
  • Brother: Billy Batson isn't always a hindrance, and can be quite a boon to Mary. But she loves and cares for her twin, and he for her. That means she can be suckered into danger to help or protect him. He, and her desire for the best for him, can be used against her to control or manipulate her.
  • Adopted Parents: Mary loves her adopted parents. She knows now that they are not perfect people, but she also knows that they love her and want the best for her. She would do anything to help and protect them. And since they are normal and do not even know her secret, they can very much be used against her by anyone who would come to know of her secret ... or by accident they could become endangered and still draw her in.
  • Shazam: It doesn't happen often. In point of fact, thus far Mary has never had it happen to her. But if Mary is struck by a bolt of Shazam's magical lightning - her own, should someone she meant to get hit by it manages to avoid, or one summoned by Billy or Captain Marvel in some strange circumstance - while she is Mary Marvel, she won't be harmed. But she will be transformed to her unpowered, normal teenaged form. Poof. No more superheroine. (See flaw mm=normal for details from there.) This could also - potentially - happen if someone could somehow trick Mary into saying Shazam's name aloud.


  • General: Not very well known outside of Fawcett City, very few would recognize Mary Marvel (her adult, magically empowered form) in the world at large, unless they've made it a point to study all sightings and activities of metahumans around the world. Mary Bromfield Batson would be completely unknown to anyone outside the very small world of her own high school and neighborhood.
  • Fawcett City: To someone from Fawcett City, the visage of Mary Marvel is pretty well known as a superheroine around the city in the last three years or so. She is often seen with the apparently older and definitely longer-known Captain Marvel, but is also seen quite a bit all on her own. She is very charismatic and friendly, very upbeat and positive.
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